Americans, Paypal and money: what’s in common?


Many Americans live check to check. Most are only a bad break from losing everything. A major medical bill or other unforeseen cost can throw everything into a whammy. So if you’re like most you’re thinking, so what? I have a good job, health benefits and life insurance. Why should I care about saving money? What does any of this have to do with me? Learn more about Paypal tricks and hack to get free money.

Well let me remind you that not too long ago there was a MAJOR recession in America. Many people lost their jobs and couldn’t find another one. Kids went too college only to find themselves with a bachelor degree in hand and no job or earning potential in sight. Besides these instances there are stay at home moms and dads who find themselves lost broke and confused after an unforeseen death or divorce. Life’s tricky. We should be as best prepared as possible to handle everything that life throws at us. Are you always ready to play the hand that life has dealt you? I don’t know about you but here are 15 reasons why I save money.1. Retirement

Growing up I used to watch episodes of the Golden Girls with my granny. Four vibrant senior citizens living the good life in Miami. Seemed like they didn’t have a care in the world just living good and having fun in the sun. As I got older I realized if they would have saved a bit more and contributed to their 401k plans they could’ve retired and lived the good life eating all the cheesecake they wanted without having to have roommates. When I get older I want to enjoy the type of friendships they had and experience the same level of fun in my life but I want it while being in the privacy of my own home. Not being forced to live with roommates as a elderly person is one of the reasons why I save. Be sure to contribute to your company’s 401k or 403b retirement plans and get a job that has a pension plan. Additionally get a private IRA if you’re eligible. Paypal money can help you to buy things on the inernet. Save as much now so that you can enjoy it all once you’ve retired.2. Retire Early

Only thing that beats retiring is being able to retire early. So often I watch HGTV House Hunters and HGTV House Hunters International which is a home buying show that documents all of these early retirees amongst others jet setting off to exotic locations across the world including South America, Latin America and the Caribbean. Boy would I like to have one of those relatively cheap ocean front properties that they feature on House Hunters International. For this I invest and save. Having the ability to own a home with an ocean view and beach access in a foreign country is one of the reasons why I save money.3. Children’s Education / College Fund

The cost of college education is not getting any cheaper. While I’m an advocate of public state schools, grants, academic and athletic scholarships the reality is not every child will be eligible. Many of us will have to contribute to our kids education. Knowing that I don’t want a thirty five year old child still living at home with me because he or she doesn’t have any marketable skills makes me want to transfer money to my savings as I type. Ill save to invest in his or her future so that he’ll be able to take care of himself. To prevent having an eternally codependent child or two is a reason why I save money.4. Family Vacation

Work hard! Play hard! It’s a motto many live by. My goal is to visit all the continents of the world during my lifetime. Every vacation I try to go somewhere new. Air travel, hotel accommodations, local excursions, food, drinks and souvenirs are never cheap. While I bargain shop for my travel needs I still have to save up for an annual trip. Be sure to periodically put away money to be able to have yearly family vacations. Going on annual or biannual family vacations and getaways is a good reason to save money.5. Medical Procedure

More people get in trouble over unexpected medical expenses then you’d imagine. Anybody seen the movie John Q starring Denzel Washington? Health insurance doesn’t cover everything. All it takes is a surprise kidney failure, tumor, or other incurable disease to shake things up. Paypal systems if very effective to get and send money for others. Most medical ailments and expenses are unexpected. To prevent having a Denzel Washington John Q take the hospital hostage and force doctors to cure us or our child moment lets maximize our insurance coverages and set aside money in our monthly budgets for a medical emergency fund. To cover unexpected or uncovered medical expenses is a reason why I save money.6. New Car

In most cities and towns across America its a necessity to have a car. Public transportation is not available to everyone. Cars are very expensive to purchase and maintain. There’s a car note, car insurance, car registration, oil changes, tire rotations, air filters, serpentine belts, check engine lights and so much more. The list of car maintenance expenses and procedures just goes on and on. While we can get the best deals possible on these goods and services having and maintaining a car will never be FREE. So save for unexpected and routine car maintenance expenses. Also save for the down payment or full cost of your first or next vehicle. A very viable reason why I save is to be able to go when and where I want to in the comfort of my own car.7. New House

Whether renting or buying most of us have to or have had to save for a new home. When renting there are a lot of up front expenses. Has anyone ever heard of first, last and security? When purchasing a new home for a traditional loan banks require 20% of the mortgage loan down. Now there are plenty of FHA and other first time home buyer programs but we’re still looking at 3.5% to 5% plus moving expenses, furniture, home owners insurance and so much more. To have a home of our own whether rented or owned it’s essential that we save money. Being able to have my own home is a reason why I save.8. Getting Out Of Debt

While a little debt ain’t ever hurt nobody, too much debt can ruin us all. Sometimes it can feel like we’ll never get out of debt. Let’s save our money so that we can double or triple up on our loan and credit card payments so that we can get out of debt faster. Nothing like stacking coins saving money to be DEBT FREE, right?9. Bucket List

Do you ever daydream about the things you want to do and places you want to see before you die? What’s on your bucket list? Can you afford to accomplish them? To complete our bucket lists and fulfill our dreams we should save money – plain and simple.10. Deals, Sales and Price Cuts

Do you ever see something on sale and think “dang, I wish I had the money to buy that?” When you finally do get the money the item is now twice as much as it was. Since most stores besides Kmart and Walmart don’t have layaway we have to purchase items when we’re able. If we would’ve had money saved we could’ve taken advantage of purchasing them item at the lower cost and saved money. Saving money allows us to be able to take advantage of great sales, deals and price cuts on items that we need or crave. A reason why I save money is to save money.11. Life Events

There are many special events that we’ll experience in our lives. From starting preschool to having a sweet sixteen to getting married and having a baby. Many of lives precious moments come along with wonderful celebration and events. Saving for weddings, honeymoons, quincineras, sweet sixteen, baby arrivals and more will allows us to be debt free, stress free and able to afford to live a life of luxury.12. Rainy Day

In the words of Forrest Gump “Life is like a box of chocolates you never know what you’re gonna get.” Within those chocolates include unemployment, home fires, medical emergencies, dental problems like toothaches or root canals, car accidents, bail money, lawsuits, hurricanes, tornadoes, earthquakes, and sudden deaths. In the blink of an eye we can end up as my mother would say “without a pot to piss in or a sidewalk to throw it out on.” Just the thought of that phrase should give us a reason to save money for a rainy day. I save because I want my pot and my sidewalk.13. Stress Free

There is no stress like I’m broke and can’t pay my bills stress. During our best earning years we need to save money. If we don’t have to spend every dime we get then we shouldn’t. Nothing relaxes the mind like knowing how we’re going to be able to pay our bills next month. We need to continue stacking coins saving money to be debt free, STRESS FREE and able to afford to live a life of luxury. #InJesusName.14. Freedom and Independence

Have you even been able to come and go as you please or buy what you want when you want it? Did it feel good? Having the freedom and independence to do what we want when we want with whom we want for however much or long we want is something that should be valued and if at all possible not compromised. Having to borrow from others, live with others or otherwise depend on others takes away our freedom and independence. I don’t know about you but I’ll save and work and save and work so more to be able to maintain my freedom and independence in this life. Maintaining my freedom and independence is a big reason why I save money.15. Happiness

At the end of the day most of us just want to be happy. They say money doesn’t buy happiness and I say neither does being broke without any savings in the bank. Happiness comes in many forms. Being debt free, stress free and able to afford to live a life of luxury is good start on the road to happiness. Saving money can help build the framework that it takes to be happy. Seeking happiness and fulfillment is a reason why I save money.

Why do you or don’t you save money? How do you stay motivated or what keeps you from being motivated? Let me know your thoughts in the comments below.

There are many reasons why I save money and the core I’m Stacking Coins Saving Money to be debt free, sstress-freeand able to afford to live a life of luxury.