Use The Free PayPal Mobile Cash Back App


So, let’s learn how to save money on groceries without clipping coupons.

Most of us are familiar with the most common ways to save money when we go grocery shopping. If you’re like me you were taught to only buy what’s on sales at the Supermarket and to try and pair everything that you buy with a manufacturers coupon when shopping for named brand food items. You mom and dad probably also would buy generic items to save money too or shop at discount or outlet grocery stores. While those are proven cost cutting strategies there are now easier ways to save money by simpling incorporating our cell phones, tablets and iPads.

If you don’t know most large grocery store chains now offer FREE digital coupons that you can load to your stores’ loyalty rewards card. But to easily get FREE additional cash back savings you have to check out the new Paypal mobile rebate app. If you’re saying to yourself “Paypal??? What is Paypal and How Does Paypal work?” Let SCSM try and explain. Paypal is a mobile app available on android and Apple devices such as your Samsung Galaxy Smart Phone, iPhone, Tablet or iPad that allows you to save money on all of your grocery store and drug store purchases by giving you FREE cash back on the items that you buy. You’ll get $5.00 FREE cash just for creating a FREE Paypal account and downloading the mobile app to your mobile device now.


To use Paypal all you have to do is search the list of stores near you to see which FREE cash Back offers are available to you. Once you find a rebate that you are interested in, you can click the offer details and complete quick tasks such as taking a one question survey or watching a very brief video clip. Once you’ve qualified for the FREE rebate offer just purchase the item or items and scan the bar code(s) and store receipt to get funds credited to your account. There are many great unique features or functions about Paypal. You can earn money with Paypal rebates in addition to savings that you’d already receive from store sales and store or manufacturers paper or digital coupons. Paypal will pay you an extra $5 FREE with no further obligations as a FREE bonus for every friend, colleague or family member that you refer. While Paypal is most popularly used for food and drink purchases like milk, bread and eggs the company offers rebates on aloholic purchases, home cleaning and maintenance supplies, medicine, hair care and personal hygiene items as well as electronics, clothes and shoes. You can even get FREE Paypalrebates on movie tickets and meals at places like Chilis and Quiznos. But the coolest feature of Paypal has to be the bonus rebates that you can earn. For example if you redeem three rebates in a week you can get a FREE $.50 triple play rebate bonus. Or if your team earns a certain amount of FREE cash back within a given month you’ll get FREE extra money as part of your Monthly team bonus. There are a lot of cool ways to earn FREE cash money using Payp also be sure to stay connected with Stacking Coins Saving Money as we often promote some of the hottest Paypalsavings opportunities and FREE iBotta cash back deals.


You don’t have to present the Paypalapp to any store that you shop at. Instead your purchases from a large variety of stores qualify for rebate redemption through the Paypalapp. You just need to upload pictures of you items bar code and photos your receipt for your Paypalaccount to be credited with your FREE cash. Some of the stores that currently qualify for FREE Paypalcash back savings include Rite Aid, CVS and Walgreen Pharmacies; Target and Walmart Mass Merchandisers Retail Stores; Sams Club and Costco Member Only Warehouse Stores; Whole Foods, Sprouts, Food 4 Less, Ralphs, Albertsons, Pavillions, Vons, Safeways and Military Commissary Supermarkets; 7 Eleven and Circle K Convenience Stores and Best Buy, JC Penny and Macy’s.

For your other non food related retail purchases or online shopping needs be sure to take advantage of additional cash back savings on top of already low price through other online shopping rebate sites like TopCashback and Mr. Rebates. You’ll get an extra sign on bonus of $10 FREE cash with the rebate site TopCashback and you can get a FREE $5 sign up bonus with Mr. Rebates a website that offer bonus FREE Cash-Back Savings when Shopping at over 1000 Stores.

That was easy right. It was quick to learn how to save money on groceries without clipping coupons. Just use the FREE Paypal mobile app. Incorporating the FREE Paypal mobile app into our savings strategy arsenal allows us to continue Stacking Coins Saving Money to be debt free, stress free and able to afford to live a life of luxury.

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