What is PayPal?


PayPal is simply described as an online payment service which allows businesses and people to electronically transfer funds. PayPal’s is an instant transfer, meaning that sending PayPal money means it is credited immediately to the recipient’s account. The recipient can then transfer immediately the money to her or his personal bank account, if he or she wish. When you want to send a transfer, you ought to have a debit or credit card that’s registered with PayPal as your fund’s backup. PayPal money is the amount of cash in an person’s PayPal account.

To understand the question what’s PayPal, let’s look deeply how this global money transfer service operates.

You may use PayPal to:

  • Buy or sell services and goods
  • Receive or make donations’
  • Exchange cash with someone

You may send PayPal money to any person with an e-mail address. It doesn’t matter whether they have a PayPal account or not. However, to receive the amount, it’s a must for the recipient to have a PayPal account linked with that particular e-mail address. Note that basic PayPal accounts are free and several financial transactions are also free, including purchases from traders who accept Payments using this money transfer service.

You may withdraw and add, when you have an account with PayPal, funds in several different ways. You may link your account with credit cards or bank accounts for additional transactions, that include withdrawing and adding funds. Other withdrawal alternatives include using your PayPal debit card so as to make purchases, or receive money from an ATM or requesting some check in the mail.

How Do I Sign Up for a PayPal Account?

It’s very quick. You don’t have to enter any kind of bank account info. But when you need to use several of its features, you are going to be required to add and verify your credit card or checking account.

To begin, click the “sign up” link found at the top of the website’s home page.

At the next page, you are going to select whether you need a premier, business, or a personal account.

From here, PayPal will ask for a number of basic personal info: your first and last name, telephone number, plus e-mail address. You also will need to check the box that indicates that you have agreed to the user agreement, acceptable use, user policy plus electronic communication policy. When you click to create your account, you are going to receive an e-mail communication with instructions for account verification plus confirming your address.

You should know, from here, what PayPal means by referring to this verification plus confirmation process. Basically, when your info is vetted by PayPal, it shows both sellers and buyers that you’re less likely to be a scammer.

Your PayPal account is verified when you have linked it with a credit card or a current bank account. This is more than merely entering account info. PayPal is going to ask you to follow some steps so as to complete your verification procedure. For example, for checking account it is going to make 2 micropayments to your account , normally about 5 cents each. You will then need to enter, as verification, the amounts of those micropayments.

You will then be required to confirm the account.`