Why PayPal is better than a credit card?


The internet has changed most if not all aspects of our lives; from communication to the production of goods, to transport and now buying and selling of goods and services. As such, there has been a surge in the number of online transactions, leading to the need for online merchants and shoppers to look for safe and convenient payment methods. Credit cards and PayPal have so far proved useful with some customers advocating for the use of one payment method over the other. Great deals of users assume that both payment methods offer similar benefits, but there are striking differences between the pay channels. In our discussion, we will look at Why PayPal is better than a credit card?

Security of personal information

The recent security breach on JP Morgan shows how vulnerable the banking industry is despite their teams of security experts. Paypal provides a more secure way of shopping online by ensuring the merchant doesn’t see the buyer’s details. Paypal payment systems are coded to receive funds directly to their Business accounts without viewing the shopper’s card number, security code and expiry date (a feature that protects buyers from unscrupulous vendors). Information is encrypted using the latest level encryption technology and the data stored in servers (can’t be accessed through the internet). To enhance the users’ security PayPal pays hackers to look for any vulnerabilities that could compromise their safety systems.Convenience


Both payment methods offer lots of conveniences, but PayPal goes the extra mile of pleasing its customers. With the new PayPal iPhone App, shoppers can make online purchases and transfer cash wherever they are. Buyers just need to visit the Apple iTunes store, download the app and purchase items, pay bills, send money and review the transaction history from their iPhone. Additionally, PayPal provides the option of adding money directly to the user’s PayPal balance creating a simple sending account.


PayPal has a purchase protection policy for shoppers in the event a buyer is charged for an item he didn’t buy (due to a missing phone or stolen password) an item he ordered does not arrive or if an item does not match its description. The policy applies if the shopper reports it immediately (usually within 180 days of purchase). He enjoys zero liability for eligible unauthorized use regardless of how he funded the transaction (debit or credit card).

Ability to link multiple bank accounts

PayPal allows shoppers to link different bank accounts, debit and credit cards to their PayPal account. Thus, shoppers don’t have to worry about having their credit card declined when purchasing goods or services online.

Exclusive discounts

PayPal offers exclusive discounts to customers who shop using PayPal from designated retailers; HP, Wal-Mart, Nike, Barnes & Noble by visiting shopping.paypal.com. To enjoy the discounts, buyers copy the unique promotion code from PayPal’s shopping Webpage and paste it in the order (on the seller’s site) when making payment.

The points discussed clearly explain Why PayPal is better than credit card? With the thriving black market for stolen credit cards, PayPal provides a much safer option for online merchants and shoppers.